Privacy policy

Complying with applicable privacy laws and regulations is very important for us at I.A. Hedin Bil Aktiebolag (“Hedin Bil”), 556065-4070, Box 2114, 431 02 Mölndal, and with this privacy policy we would like to inform you about how we handle your personal data. We will process your personal data for example when you contact us for the purpose of purchasing our products or services, when you sign up to receive any of our newsletters or when you are booking any of our services. Hedin Bil is responsible for the processing of your personal data as the personal data controller. Below you can read about how we process your data, and what rights you have in relation to our processing of your personal data.

Personal data relating to the purchase or service agreement

In order for us to fulfill the purchase or service agreement with you, we will process the following personal data relating to you:

This information is a requirement for us to fulfill our agreement with you. We will store the personal data from the purchase/service as long as our warranty commitment applies, in order to handle any complaints and warranty issues.

Personal data relating to accounting

In order for us to comply with the laws applicable to Hedin Bil, we will process the following information about you:

We must do this to comply with the laws that we are subjected to. An example is the Swedish Accounting Act, and therefore we store this information with limited access for 7 years + current year.

Personal data relating to marketing & customer analysis
Hedin Bil will, due to you receiving a tender or purchased products or services from us, process the following personal data about you:

This information may be used for marketing through different digital channels, such as for example banners, emails and sms and postal mail. We will also perform certain segmentation and analysis based on your information in order to provide you with as relevant information as possible.
Segmentation is used to identify target groups and to plan marketing activities based on factors such as geographic variables, and we also analyze what you may be interested in based on what products or services you have purchased earlier.

We do this in order to offer you products and services that may be of relevance to you in relation to earlier purchases that you have made. We also process the data to develop business methods, analysis models, and business strategies, to control price and range based on customer purchases as well as to develop customer insights.
If you have purchased a new car, we keep the information for these purposes for 5 years. If you purchased a used car, we will keep it for 3 years. If you purchased services from us, such as for example repair services, we will keep the information for 2 years. If you have only received a tender from us, we will keep the information for 12 months.

You can unsubscribe from this kind of marketing and analysis at any time by contacting us.


For other processes than those described herein, Hedin Bil may ask for your consent before processing your personal data. An example of this may be if we ask you to participate in a customer survey. Before you give any further personal data on such an occasion, Hedin Bil will ask for your express consent.

You may withdraw such consent at any time by contacting us.

Recipients of the personal data

General agents and vehicle manufacturers.
When you buy a vehicle or leave your vehicle for service or repair, certain information about you and your vehicle may be transferred to a general agent and / or a vehicle manufacturer. The general agents and vehicle manufacturers are independent personal data controllers in their own right when processing personal data. This may happen for example when a general agent or vehicle manufacturer retrieves data directly from the vehicle through common systems and databases when the vehicle is connected during repair or service, or data we ship at the time of purchase. The data transferred is data derived from you as a customer, data from the vehicle or other information about the vehicle, such as for example car registration number or chassis number. This information is transferred to the extent necessary for handling warranty matters with the General Agent and / or the Vehicle Manufacturer and in order to be able to handle for example a revocation from the General Agent or Vehicle manufacturer or in case of suspicion of security issues.

Service providers
In order to fulfill the purposes of the processing of your personal information, we share your personal data with companies that provide services to us, such as to handle the mailing and delivery of your goods or provide certain systems. These companies may only process your personal data in accordance with our express instructions and may not use your information for anything other than that.

When you as a customer purchase a vehicle or submit a vehicle for service or repair, your personal data may be transferred to an insurance company. The insurance company will be the personal data controller in regard of this data.

If you enter into a leasing agreement, we may transfer personal data to a finance company. We may also share information about your card number or social security as well as details of your financial situation to payment intermediaries and credit companies. The leasing company, the payment broker or the credit company will be the personal data controller in regards of this data.

Other recipients
We may transfer your personal information to other recipients, such as governmental authorities, if required by law.
If all, or part of, our business is sold or integrated with any other business, your personal data may be disclosed to our advisors, potential buyers and their advisors, and will be forwarded to the new owners of the business.

Transfers outside of EU
Some service providers or payment service providers may be outside the EEA. We never transmit data outside the EEA without taking appropriate security measures and we have legal basis for the transfer by, for example, Privacy Shield or the Commission’s standard contractual clauses.

Your rights
You are entitled to access or rectification of your personal data by Hedin Bil. You also have the right, in some situations, to request a limitation of the process that involves your data, to object to the process, and to have certain data erased.

You also have the right to obtain the personal data relating to you, and the personal data which you have provided Hedin Bil, in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format.

Hedin Bil´s obligations, and your rights, are governed until May 25, 2018 by the Personal Data Act (1998:204). As from May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will apply instead.

You are entitled to file a complaint with a regulatory authority. At the time of the establishment of this integrity policy, the Swedish Data Protection Authority is the supervisory authority in Sweden.

Contact details:

If you desire additional information or wish to exercise your rights, you can always contact us on the following addresses:


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